“Teaching the learning brain”

Workshop for school teachers


Researchers in neuro- cognitive sciences

December : 13th and 14th of December 2019


International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

Objective: Introduce aspects of cognition and neurodevelopment on learning.

Participants:Teachers interacting with children of grades 1 to 8.

Research in cognitive science, neuroscience/biology and psychology has thrown new light on learning processes and the factors affecting it. The knowledge from scientific studies helps address the popular myths while giving deeper understanding of motivation and metacognition. The aim of the workshop is to bring the results of research into class room teaching.

A school teacher faces the challenge of preparing classes that engage a class with the same age children, but with differential learning curves topic-wise, dissimilar conceptual understanding, with gaps in skills and disparate external (non-school) factors influencing them. In addition, the child’s physical and emotional state affects the learning curve. Given the complexity, it is important for teachers to understand the brain from neurodevelopment aspect to design lessons appropriately and build an atmosphere of intellectual safety and trust to address the outliers (over-/under-performers) too.

The planned workshop is the first of its kind to address most if not all of the concerns of learning in an educational system as present in the Indian context. The topics to be covered are:

  1. Introduction to Neurodevelopment
  2. Learning – attention and memory.
  3. Concrete to Abstract – the transition in logic/reasoning. Language & Math
  4. Fine arts – music, art and creative expressions
  5. Physio-biological genesis of anxiety, stress.
  6. Nutrition & cognitive ability
  7. Physical activity and link to mental ability
  8. Competition and technology

Workshop structure

Parallel sessions - Telugu and English

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  1. All to be seated by 8:15am on 13th. Keynote address starts at 8:30am sharp.
  2. No accommadation/travel allowance or arrangements will be made.
  3. Lunch will be provided on both the days at the venue.

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